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What is Spread Positivity?

Spread Positivity is a nonprofit campaign to improve the way humans treat each other.
We aim to highlight the power of real-world human interaction, and encourage people to try in their daily lives to be positive, kind, empathetic and proactively seek simple opportunities to help others without wanting anything in return.

It is an effort to make it part of our normal daily lives to do simple, kind acts for others - especially something as simple as looking people in the eye, smiling and saying hi.

The idea for Spread Positivity came from its Golden Retriever founder, Lola, who was very friendly, happy, and gentle and had a wonderfully contagious smile. During her frequent walks through the city, she noticed that most humans don’t even look at each other these days. They just walk around looking at their “smart” phones, and in the process are doing something that is NOT “smart”: losing sight (literally) of the importance of human interaction, and shared human connection. So, she decided that together with her human, it was time to do something about this, and emBARK on a journey to help Spread Positivity.

The Spread Positivity spirit is spread by people who:

  • Try to be proactive and help others, without wanting anything in return.
  • Try to be humble, kind, grateful, positive, and empathetic.
  • Believe that smiling, laughing and helping others makes everyone happier and the world a better place.
  • Try in their interactions with others to make people smile and feel good.
  • Recognize the importance and power of simple, positive real-world human interactions in our daily lives.
  • Try to focus on the positive in all situations.
  • Never use the word “hate”.
  • Try to always do the right thing, in all aspects of their lives.
  • Understand that no matter our country, religion, color, social/financial status, or anything else, no one of us is better or worse than any other. We are all simply human.

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